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... why leading brands often use nature symbolism, imagery and lexicon.

... why compelling experiences (customer, patient, employee, etc) often involve nature.

... why fur babies and techno pets are breeding like rabbits.

... why nature, real and represented, plays a role in unlocking human potential at work.

... why we often pay more for homes with nature views, and love to holiday at the beach or in the countryside.

... why tattoos often feature wolves, flowers and butterflies.

... how everyday nature experiences are changing, in an increasingly urbanised, technologically mediated world, and why this matters - to individuals, families, teams, organisations, society and nature itself.  


Informed by research, experience and proprietary frameworks, The Nature of helps create value here...

Copyright 2018, The Nature of

Copyright 2018, The Nature of


"The brain is absolutely influenced by nature, and it is no longer an option to write off the philosophers and poets as merely romantic dreamers. Our perception of stress, our mental state, our immunity, our happiness, and our resiliency are all chemically influenced by the nervous system and its response to the natural environment."

Selhub and Logan, Our Brains on Nature, 2012